Saturday, July 7, 2012

SmartTarts and Tea

Today is my birthday!! I had a no gift rule...but apparently my family cannot listen...but I have to say I love what they gave me!! :)

I have a couple of loves/obsessions, one being SmartTarts (as the guy at the gas station calls them...Smarties/Sweet Tarts...SmartTarts!!) I LOVE jumbo SmartTarts, horrible habit I know...but I guess I could have worse habits. :)

Baby Girl gave me a big bag of them...all individually wrapped of course because that is just her style. lol

My next love is tea. I love tea iced or hot, herbal or plain. My favorite right now is Pu-Erh tea, and my favorite brand is Rishi...mostly because I am a packaging snob and I love their tins.

So The Hubs gave me a tea maker and some tea....

Having a little trouble with the directions of how to use it....

Obviously there are 3 steps to it...just not sure what those steps are. LOL

But I winged it and now have some yummy Chamomile tea brewing to enjoy later.

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