Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Seized Soap

So what is seized soap...that is when the soap seizes in the pot before you can get it poured in the mold. There are various reasons for this to happen, for me the biggest reason is because of the fragrance oil...and most likely it is a floral scented fragrance oil.

This is our gardenia soap...makes a beautifully scented white soap.

This is the batch that seized on me. :(

It is still a safe and useable bar of soap...just not so attractive. When it seizes you just try to salvage the batch by throwing it in your mold and banging the mold on the counter best you can to get the soap settled...hoping to not find air pockets when you cut the loaf.

Here you can see the comparison. Sadly I dont have a bunch of gardenia lovers in my what to do with 12 bars of these wonky looking soaps??!!


N. said...

You pick up a couple of pretty washcloths washcloths and have a giveaway! :)

Luster Canyon said...

oooo I like that Noelle!! Thank you!!

thetoddlerwhisperer said...

Or sell it on discount! :)