Thursday, July 12, 2012

Farmers Market Bounty

I love summer because it means farmers market season and freshly grown fruits and veggies. Our local market started last week, and tonight was our first trip of the season. Not gonna lie...I was a little disappointed. There were a lot of jewelry booths, and the few veggie booths were tucked over in the The Hubs and I beelined it over to them, but it was slim pickens. :(

I found a couple squashes that werent gigantic. (I learned long ago huge squash are just full of seeds.) Also found some garlic and the local bakery was there with their fabulous bread. The yummiest find was a local cafe I wasnt aware of that had some wonderful hummus and crackers...cant wait to make a visit to that cafe some afternoon!!

So what fabulous bounties are you finding...and what are you making with your yummy finds?

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