Monday, February 28, 2011

Pumping up Production!

We have pumped up production for the opening of the new store. Why so much you ask? Well on one hand thinking positive on needing enough stock, then...if I am making a batch... a big batch is just as easy as a small batch. Lastly...this frees me up to be able to work my own store. I have a full time job which I love and want to keep, so weekends are where I make my goodies. Working through March making enough stock will let me be able to work my store when we open in April. Yes I am crazy, but I love it!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Beginning!!

If you havent already heard....Luster Canyon is going B&M. (Brick & Mortar)

We are planning for an April 1 there is a LOT to get done!!

First up is painting....of course we want to keep our signature colors, so the existing colors must go...Here are the existing colors and to give you a sneak peek at the space...

And so we begin.....

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Which kind of Scrub are you....

We offer 2 different types of sugar scrubs to use for exfoliation.

First off...Why exfoliate? To remove dead skin cells that build up on our skin resulting in a fresher look and healthier skin. Exfoliate once or twice a week is a great treat for your skin.

Second...why sugar? Well you need something to add for a bit of "grit" to exfoliate, and sugar in my opinion is a bit more soothing than salt. (think freshly shaved legs, owie!!)

What types do we offer?
A handcrafted whipped sugar scrub made from scratch. This one is great for exfoliation with moisturization, and do use caution as it can cause your tub or shower to become slippery.
$10.00 per each 8 ounce jar.

To use, wash first with one of our olive oil based soaps, then scoop some scrub into your hand and gently rub over your skin, paying extra attention to any rough spots. The scrub will begin to emulsify and gently moisturize your skin while you exfoliate. When finished just rinse and towel off. If needed follow up with our great hand and body lotion for a special moisturizing treat.

Next we offer individual use scrub cubes. This type will exfoliate while cleansing and is great for travel.
$7.00 per jar, cube amount varies due to being hand cut, but contains at least 16 cubes.

To use take 1 – 2 cubes into the shower or tub with you. Moisten and flatten into the palm of your hand and rub over your skin, paying extra attention to any rough spots. The cube will begin to emulsify and gently cleanse your skin while you exfoliate. When finished just rinse and towel off. Again if needed follow up with our great hand and body lotion for a special moisturizing treat.

Monday, February 21, 2011

More Cards...

Yes it was another great day of card making class...and I really think these are the best I have done so far.

This first one is so pretty with its Tiffany Blue hue, and texutrized vellum decorated with petite pearls and then laid over the stamped butterfly images to soften the look makes this birthday card a special one to give.

This thank you card is a great way to say thanks! Paired with a flowering plant with room to write a personlized note inside will brighten anyones day.

How fun is this lil guy!! Great for a boy or a man!

Yes of course...there is yet another owl. How adorable is this get well nurse owl??!! Sure to perk someone up who is feeling under the weather.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

New Mystery Grab Bag

Do you like mystery and adventure? Well this Grab Bag listing is for you!!

What is a Grab Bag you ask??

The dictionary defines it as:
1. A box/bag containing unknown objects that can be purchased for a fixed price
2. Something composed of miscellaneous or mismatched components

Luster Canyon defines it as:
1. A box containing a variety of our handmade items
2. Miscellaneous items, discontinued scents, items not scented as much as they should be, odd cuts, or scratch and dent.

Shipping within the US is included in this grab bag listing. All items will be in brand new condition…nothing wrong with them per say…just not items from our regular collection.

You don’t get to pick what is in the box and the amount of items sent is dependent upon the product and its size....whatever variety we can pack into a small flat rate box, is what you will receive.

Your box may include one or the more of the following: lotion, soap, cream, lip balm, and/or samples.

All sales are final on Grab Bag listings.

**You are basically receiving items we cannot sell at full price, so our loss is your gain.

Click here to purchase a Grab Bag for $15.00.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Line at the Watering Hole

Our Charlie kitty likes to linger and hog the water dish. He literally will spend 5-10 minutes laying practically in the dish, drinking and resting.

Of course there are other bowls of water around the house, but you know how it is with kids, when one has something the other wants THAT one too. So lil pup here is trying hard to be patient and wait......

And wait.........


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sweet Love Winner....

Wow I had 56 comments on my best results to date! Thank you all for playing along and following my blog. I do hope you will continue to follow us.

Now on to our winner....
and the winner is.....

#54 Jayme!!!
Jayme said...
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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Star Spotlight

I am in with this wonderful group of "Stars" on Etsy. We are called the "3 Star BnS Team". We share laughs, stories, listings and sales. This weeks "star" in the spotlight is....

Independent Jewelry

Here you will meet Sarah, who loves making unique handmade jewelry.

A lot of her jewelry is inspired by her natural surroundings - trees, birds, rain, flowers, etc.

I love the look of this beautiful Flight of the Hummingbird Lariat

And look at this Hot Air Balloon necklace. It is on sale and has free shipping to a US address.

Be sure to check out Sarah's shop and tell her Luster sent you. :)