Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First Time Broiling...

...and I think it went pretty well!!

I have never broiled before....well I think partially because it scares me a little bit....but I was making spaghetti and I realized I didnt buy any garlic bread...hmm how to improvise when your kitchen skills are....well pretty lacking??!!

I had some sandwich bread and this garlic festival brand garlic all purpose shake-on...

I also realized we were out of parmesan cheese....thank goodness we had some leftover packets from our last pizza run. I mixed some butter with the garlic powder, spread it on the bread and sprinkled my lil bit of parmesan...and...voila!!

I popped it into the oven on know how they say a watched pot never boils? Well I say a watched broiler never broils. I thought it would be much faster....but then me opening the door every few seconds probably didn't help it along.

All in all I think I did a pretty good job!! It was quite tasty!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Leftover Soap

When making soap sometimes I have some leftover "batter". I really hate wasting it into the garbage can, so I thought what would happen if I just chunked it all into a mold? So this weekend I made 4 different batches of soap. One of the batches filled the mold perfectly, but I had some leftover of the other three, not much in 2 of them, but enough to add some splash of color.

Here it is poured into the mold...

Here is the bottom side where you can see the different batches more clearly...

And here they are all cut up and ready to give away as samples. Perfect way to use up the leftovers without it going to waste.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Happy Birthday to Baby Girl!

23 years ago today I gave birth to an amazing person!

Last night we all drove over to Prescott and met the birthday girl at Chili's...was actually the first time The Hubs and I ate there....Yummo!! We had a great time and Ashleys big sis Cathy made one of her fabulous looking cakes, which sadly cracked on the drive over, but still tasted wonderful!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

August Card Class

Friday night was the card class for August. I seriously enjoy going to card class and learning new techniques and gabbing with my friends for a few hours. So much fun!! So here is what we made this month.....

I love the symplicity of this birthday card. It was a quick and easy one to put together and sometimes less really is more.

How totally cute is this overall card. We "white washed" the navy card stock to make it more denim like and then hand drew the "stitches". Another quick one even though it looks complicated.

I am seriously crushing on any cards with a distressed look. The red paper we ripped and sprayed with water and crumpled up, also got to use a fun new tool that sprays the marker ink onto the card. Fun card!!

And here is my fave for the know I always save the best for last. Learned a fun new (to me) technique to get the trees mirrored like it is the reflection in a pond.

See the glitter....everything is better when it has some bling!! :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Grandsons Chipmunk Mission

Our 7 year old grandson Orion has been on a mission the past couple of weeks. He has had his mind set on catching one of the many chipmunks that live on our rocky bank. So after being told he couldn’t shoot one he set his mind to figure out how to trap one.

He borrowed a no kill trap from his dad…and after agreeing to set free his catch we let him set one up. Problem is we knew it wouldn’t catch a chipmunk due to the large size of the trap and the small feather light chipmunk couldn’t trigger it. But Grampy and I allowed him his “fun” and the trap was set in front of my truck, a piece of peanut buttered bread put in for “bait”.

Yesterday I head out for work….empty trap….Today I head out for work…hmmm…what is that in the trap? Did he create a nest to make it more inviting? I take off my sunglasses for a closer look….something stands up….and look what greeted me….ACK!

Orion of course is over the moon with the fact that he actually caught something. I have told The Hubs that is now the end to the trapping…I never in my wildest dreams thought he would catch anything…let alone a skunk!!! (He was actually a cute lil guy!)

So The Hubs threw a blanket over the trap and opened the door and it ran free…of course yes it sprayed first but thankfully he did not spray The Hubs!