Friday, December 30, 2011

The Rock House

Here is the view of the rock house from the garage.

We call it the "rock house" ...well because it is made of rocks.

This used to house tools and junk...and when I was little I found it very scary! Now all grown up and all cleaned out...its a pretty cool place.

It's main purpose though is to house the pump for the well but it still makes a great tool shed and just needs a new tin roof put on.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Unplanned Absence

Sorry to have just disappeared, but we had a crazy twist to our life as we end 2011. Wouldnt even begin to know where to start to explain, but short and sweet story is we have taken custody of a disabled family member, and as a bonus we "inherited" grandmas house.

I grew up in this daughter grew up in this house. We were VERY close to grandma, my daughter called her Grandma Mommy all growing up... so this house is beyond special to us.

Unfortunately it wasnt cared for properly in the 4 years since grandmas passing, and so The Hubs and I have basically been gifted a project house....lets hope it isnt a money pit lol.

Here she is in all her green splendor! Cant tell you how many evenings we spent on that porch...we didnt get but 2 channels on the TV so back in the "good ol' days" we hung out on the porch rocking chairs until bed time.

The house was moved here waaaaay back when, that sure had to have been a sight to see an entire house moving down the road. Of course as a kid I never paid attention to the story, now as an adult I want to learn more, so I hope to find that out later on.

The house and garage sits on about an acre and a quarter, so plenty of space. The Hubs wants to make the 2 car garage you see there on the soaping room...totally not going to fight him on that one!! LOL

Side view of the house...we will re-side with concrete siding in a couple years.

Not sure what was planned with these posts...but they are soon to be.... outta here!!

Back of the house, this door leads to Jenny's room which was added on at some point. is the house, we hope to restore it while keeping its old country wont believe what the inside looks like, I was shocked and saddened...but saving that for future posts...