Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Baby is 22!!

22 Years old...crazy to think my baby is so grown up!! Here she is last night on the way to her softball game (she is on the left, my niece is on the right)....

and here is The Hubs and I Sunday night at her birthday dinner....

Happy Birthday to Ashley!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Weekend Plans

What are yours?

I am off to attend the Grand Opening of a wonderful new shop carrying our items. Cortez St Emporium. Awesome shop loaded with treasures, both antique and new....I get lost in this place. I could look at antiques for hours.

There is also a festival going on at the square, so I am sure I will wander there to look around as I will be just the next block over. I even remembered my camera, so hopefully I have something fun to show you.

So lets see, has anything fun been on TV? Well there was Project Runway...which I think is moved from Bravo to the Hallmark channel. Their task was to create an outfit from items found in a party store. My these people are creative and wonderful....ok well not all of them, lol.

Have a great Saturday!! Let me know what you are up to.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Holli wins the chef position at Savoy….

So last night’s TV was slow. On at the same time we had the Hell’s Kitchen finale and the Rachel Zoe Project.

Not sure sometimes what to think about RZP. I mean what about that show makes up something worth watching? (Says the person who loves Big Brother lol)

Last week was about dressing Demi Moore for a photo shoot. It is always clothes that A) I could never afford and B) who really wears that stuff??

I wish I could find a close up of these shoes she wore…insane! You could break your ankle in these!

So I decided to pass on last night’s episode, and instead watched HK.

Gordon Ramsay is someone I would never want to work with…even though I giggle every time he yells DONKEY at someone…I don’t know, that term just is funny to me….but I don’t want to be called one. Maybe it is his accent…but either way it just cracks me up. Holli won over Jay…I actually thought Jay was going to win though.

And that was really about it. Yes my time would have been better served making product, but ya know some days you are just too tired. But this week on the to-do list is…

More Arizona Sunshine…going to try to stay ahead after selling 10 bars in 2 days. We now have 24 bars curing, but going to push more out to have enough waiting in the wings.

We are going to debut a Fisherman’s soap this weekend. Wash with it before baiting your hook and it not only masks your scent, but apparently the fish supposedly go mad over the scent of the soap.

Now that the weather should start cooling off we think it is time to bring back to the lineup…sugared body scrubs. Look for 2 different kinds coming your way soon.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Last Night’s TV

So I am sure I have been boring you all with having just soap making and/or products, so I am going to shake it up and blog about what I enjoy…TV. Mostly the reality variety….just can’t help it, some are like a train wreck, you have to watch!!

So last night’s TV included…
The Pickers…these 2 guys go out in search of old antique treasures. They find some really cool stuff, and some unique characters. One of the treasures on this episode was a turn of the century saddle horse, which was a stuffed minature horse...that had no ears! Since it was found with a bunch of other taxidermied animals…I think it was real. I don’t know…but for me I found it creepy!

Next up was The Pawn Stars. This is a Las Vegas pawn shop, and for some reason I love this show. Last night’s coolest piece brought in to pawn was a piece of gold that was most likely from a ship wreck….and worth $48,000. I think the guy received $35,000 for it, what a bonus find in dead relative’s things!!

Last but certainly not least was one of my secret guilty pleasures….Real Housewives of New Jersey. Not sure what to make of some of these people…but I just love Caroline! Her and her family are my favorite!
Last night the cast took a trip to Italy….my how gorgeous is that place! Then they boarded a cruise ship…ohh la la was that decadent and beautiful!

Monday, August 9, 2010

New Soap Trial

In my continuous effort to be me this is hard for me!! I decided to try some new stuff here, a lot of firsts for me on this soap.

  • Using charcoal for a colorant

  • Doing 3 layers

  • Drizzling melt & pour glycerin soap base over the top of cold process soap

  • New (for me) scent of Black Raspberry Vanilla

What do you think?

I think....I need to work on layers...didnt do so well on the pink...but the white layer actually went on nicely.

I used a vanilla stabilizer, so will wait to see if this soap darkens any due to the vanilla content of fragrance oil.

(Vanilla content in fragrances explained here.)

Sure wish I had scratch and sniff for you...this smells wonderful!! Hopefully you will find it in our Etsy shop in a few weeks. :)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Coffee Soap...Take Two

Well much success in round two! My family is loving the first batch....ahh gotta love loyal family right?.... and the rest of the bars are going into the Oopsie bin, but the latest batch came out far better! I am very happy with it now. :)

Sunday Strolling Blog Hop

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Coffee Soap...

...Didn't quite go as planned. Although it feels very smooth, it looks really ucky and bumpy. Apparently the surface look may be due to moisture from the "used" coffee grounds, which then created the halo effect around each one.

So this soap will now make it to the oopsie bin. This weekend I will take another go at it...but with dry coffee grounds this time.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Date Day!

We have a sweet friend that works our booth for us on Sundays now...which provides us to have a date day!! YAY US!! But what to do? We are usually working so much that we never have free time. We had planned to see a movie, but ended up doing everything but.

We checked on our 2 booths...I know, I know...we were supposed to be off, but we needed to restock a few things.

Then we headed over to Michaels for some scrapbook paper........did you know Hobby Lobby is closed on Sundays??!!...then over to Macayos for lunch...YUM!!

Made our way to the mall where I chopped a chunk of my hair off....we also checked out the sleep number beds....anyone own one and have any opinions on them?

We pretty much just goofed the rest of the day away....what a fun day!

Here I am with my new doo...well the cut anyways...I dont like to have my hair styled. I am too cheap to pay the extra, and I never like how it is done anyway. Although I have to say this wont be far off from how I wear it normally anyway, lol. And I picked up a balloon flower along the way.