Friday, July 27, 2012

Kitty Escape

We had the weirdest thing happen with our 3 kitties. The 2 boys were afraid of our lil girl, and not being nice. I couldnt figure out how after 6 years together they were now having issues. Then The Hubs got home from work and I told him they were being weird, and he tells me when he got up at 3am to go to work there was scratching at the door....Miss Lily was outside...OUTSIDE?!?! My kitties are indoor kitties, so I couldnt figure out what had happened. But some detective work tracked down how she had gotten out...and she had been out for 6 hours!! I was so thankful she had come home...and then so puzzled why the boys didnt like her. Then I realized the way they were smelling everywhere she went...she must smell different from her night out in the wild.

Here is Simon hiding under the tent on the cat tree...look how huge his eyes were, he was really freaked out and hid all day. Charlie on the other hand was not liking her at all, and was letting her know this. I knew of course he would have to come around sooner or later...after all she cleans his face every single day.

Awww, look here, he must finally be accepting her...well at least a little bit...he is keeping his feet on the ground, but still had to have his daily face cleaning.


Linda Blatchford said...

Aw, your cats are so cute.

Luster Canyon said...

Thank you Linda, they are sweet babies!