Monday, July 16, 2012

Making Jam

I have been wanting to make jam for a while now...My oldest daughter and sis-in-law make jam...wonderful tasty jam...well who knew the "family recipe" the Sure-Jell recipe, lol.

Lucky for me Fry's has strawberries on sale this week for .88 cents a thingy...I'll be honest, I am not savvy in the kitchen...and may not even belong in the kitchen. I dont know if strawberries are sold in pints or quarts, so I just bought four "thingys" of them. Washed them up and measured my sugar...yeah thats a lot of sugar!!!

I dont like chunks in my jam so I pulled out my "food processor"...umm I found out I dont have a food processor, I have a shredder thingy (I am not kidding when I say I dont know my way around a kitchen)...look at my stringy strawberries...this will not work...

So into my vitamix it all went!!

Oh yeah, this is more to my liking. I mixed it with the sugar and boiled the Sure-Jell and poured into jelly jars.

Look at my gorgeous jam!! I made 5 jars of strawberry and 6 jars of strawberry blueberry.

By the way I made freezer jam, thought I would start easy instead of diving into the cooked kind...I will wait and see how this turns out...hopefully it gels right and is a success...I will know in a couple days.

What is your favorite flavor of jam?

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