Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Memorial Wall

I went this week to the memorial wall in Sacramento California for firefighters who died while fighting fire.

We made the trip to see my fathers name, who died while fighting fire in his helicopter on July 23, 2007.

My Father Dennis Luster Davis...

Our escort Jerry.

We did a pencil etching of his name...

The memorial is in the park located at the capital building. It is a beautiful park and a beautiful memorial. We are very glad to have made the trip, to help put closure to our story.

I was sad to see the amount of space left, in anticipation of adding more names on there, because then other family members will be losing their loved ones, but it is a very lovely tribute!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I voted....

…but it sure wasn’t easy. For some odd reason my husband and I have never voted at the same place. Don’t know why…we just show up where told and have just always done this.

This year we go to The Hubs usual voting spot, and they told him no, he doesn’t vote there and gave him a different address. So on the way to that address is my usual voting place…no signs of voting going on there…maybe we for once get to vote at the same place. No.

So at this new place The Hubs gets to vote. I am given a different address of where to go vote…nothing going on at that church they sent me to…so we just drove around and found a church with “vote here” signs outside…Eureka…I vote here.

I have to admit by this point I was pretty irritated, so I was glad we had made a list of how we were voting, because I wasn’t in the mood to read all the props….so my prepared list of how to vote came in very handy!!

So there you have it…I voted…did you?

Monday, November 1, 2010

SFC Wyatt

Our son has been promoted to E-7 SFC…Sergeant First Class.

He has served 14 years in the US Army, going in straight out of high school. He has been deployed to Iraq twice and over the years has received a bronze star and a purple heart.

He is very humble in regards to his military career, but his family is extremely proud of him and his accomplishments!!