Saturday, October 3, 2009

Wandering Wyatts Back in Action....Sort Of

As I have said before we LOVE to geocache, and since we started this business we have had no time right now to be off in the desert looking for hidden tupperware. Well last night before going to bed I noticed there was a newly hidden geocache....and it is a night time only cache. Now I myself have wanted to hide one of these, but you have to have the perfect spot for such a thing....and desert is a little harder than say a nice park with pathways.

So off Mr Wyatt and I go, pupper dog on hand as well. So we pull up to the posted coordinates....along with another car...DRAT another cacher?? Nope, it was 2 girls wondering if we were there to check out that red light also. Well I knew this must be part of our geocache, so we explained it was a game, and after being relieved it wasnt a radar or something they went on their way. So here is Mr Wyatt, Myself, and Billy the geopup off to find our treasure.

We found stage 1 alright....a bright glowing red light catching everyones attention as they drove by. We got the next coordinates....well sort of....110 feet-325 degrees from stage 1. we have to remember how to project coords....ummm....sure! But we actually did, but the red light was getting so many looks, and my allergies kicked in we had to leave the cache not finding the final stage....but we will be back!! I think it will be a great cache, the owner is now modifying it to not be so noticable to Muggles.

I would have took pictures, but it was night time so nothing would have come out. We have no clue what stage 2 looks like, just that we need a flashlight to find.....Ohhhh the FUN!!!!!

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