Saturday, October 3, 2009

Success is Ours!!

YAY we found it. A fellow cacher Kristina (on left) and myself (on right) went back out into the desert to find the cache. We found it in 10mins, so not too bad, but I was actually a little disapointed. It was a good hide, in fact quite hard for a night hide, but being a night time hide I expected reflective tape or something needing our flashlights, hence the need for it to be a nighttime hide. Instead it was a matte black box which would actually be an easy daytime hide. Plus another stage or two would have been more fun and worth the effort over just a 2 stage run. BUT...dont get me wrong...I am not complaining, a cache is a good cache no matter what, and FTF on top of it....well it cant get much better than that now can it? :)

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