Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Indoor Kitty Caught a Bird??

My kitties are indoor only kitties. I live on a very busy street and I dont want to lose one of my babies, so they cannot go outside, and have never been outside in the 3 years we have had them. Simon the Siamese there up top is my big baby. He is attached to me like glue. On the bottom right is Miss Lily. She is our "special" kitty and asks for nothing but an occasional love, she is very sweet. Then there on the bottom left is our big bad bruiser Charlie. He can be a pill, but we adore him as much as the other 2.

Well tonight around 7ish....after dark.... my husband takes Mr Bills our pup out for his business, and I hear him say "Charlie get back in" so I look over thinking why is my cat outside??!! But he isnt, only his front paws are out the door. So they all come in and my husband is quite calm in asking Charlie what do you have? Over and over he I finally look over again...hmmm what IS THAT in his mouth and why is he growling? I go to get the kitty to take outside to release what this is....and a bird...A WILD OUTSIDE BIRD...drops out of his mouth!!! I am shocked, trying to grab him and the dog that are trying to get at it while while DH is trying to find a paper towel to retrieve it to get it outside.

What was a bird doing at my back did the cat know this...and how did he snag it in seconds while DH and the dog were coming in the door?? How insane is that? Plus it shows how that is all total instinct being he has never been outside to see or stalk a bird before.

So DH took the bird outside. I do hope he is OK, I dont think Charlie had him long enough to do any damage, but I feel bad. Ah cruel. :(

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