Friday, October 23, 2009

Holidays are approaching fast!

No matter how prepared you say you will be, somehow time slips by you and next thing you know you are far behind. I have already purchased a couple small things for my daughter, but the older your kids get (she is now 21) the harder it is to buy for them. And husbands?? Oy Vay even harder there!

I really want to be ahead and ready this year. Any tips on how to go about that? For one I thought the few things I have purchased I should wrap and tag NOW and start a pile. Because even if you are ahead on buying….well then there is allll that wrapping!

So here is my thought, start buying now. What to buy you ask?? Well pay attention to what your family says and looks at right now…. I noticed while shopping the other day my husband stopped to turn and look back at something…well I am going to go back and get what he spied, one idea down and then it will be one present purchased.

Anyone have any gift ideas? What is the “thing” for teenagers this year? I have 2 teenage grandsons I haven’t the first clue what to buy for them, I seriously doubt they will appreciate my soap, lol.

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