Friday, October 9, 2009

Tweeting on Twitter

I find it hard to gain a following on Twitter, it has finally picked up and I have almost 40 followers. I say WOO HOO to that as it makes me happy to finally start gaining followers, but I see that is chump change to some peoples numbers. So it is a slow going build up which is ok, and here is what I have been learning on the way……

Post something everyday even if it is something small, it can be funny…a quote…or just say hi.

Don’t follow people in hopes they will follow you.

Don’t feel obligated to follow someone that is following you.

Follow who YOU want to read from everyday.

Make random comments. Do a search to find a few posts to comment on.

Tweet about one or two of your items, but don’t make all your tweets only about what you are selling.

Just be personable, because I find people jump on to follow…some in hopes you will follow back, but they quickly unfollow. This can be either because they just wanted follow numbers and got yours…or you are hawking your shop too much you have turned them off. So just be yourself, with some of your products peppered in here and there.

Oh and if you want to follow my tweets…..

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