Monday, October 12, 2009

Reaction to Cinnamon??

I was going to post this weekend about the soap rockets I made, but while they were cooling I poured my cinnamon cold process soap. Cleaned all up...took my gloves find my right arm all angry blotchy red. I had no clue what happened, I never felt a burn or tingle, I even turned my glove inside out and found it bone dry. So nothing got in the glove, I am guessing I had a reaction to the cinnamon. I tried to take a picture, but it is hard taking a picture of your own arm so it is blurry.

Thankfully a couple hours later it was all gone, but gave me a scare. I didnt know if I had gotten lye on me or hubby said I would have known if lye got on me, but since I never felt a thing and it went away, I must have an allergy to cinnamon? This was a body safe scent, and I used way under the manufacturers recomended amount, so I am glad I did that or I guess it could have been worse.

On a better note we had a tent at a local function. Didnt do great, but didnt do bad either. Here are some pictures of the set up.


Pepper said...

Whoah, that looks unpleasant! I'm glad it cleared up... I'm sure those gloves helped whatever was causing it along... I know whenever I wear gloves I sweat in them, which of course opens up my pores to whatever foul toxin wants to get in. Were they rubber gloves? Maybe your allergic reaction was to the latex.

Luster Canyon said...

It was very unpleasant. They are latex free gloves I have used several times....I figure I should use latex free gloves on my products to not pass on to those with allergies to it.
I have no clue what really went on...but since it was my second batch of the day you make sense about the open pores, which probably invited the cinnamon vapors in.