Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Arizona Moonlight - Back in Stock

Arizona Moonlight had a short absence, but is now back in stock. To make our moonlight soap the "moons" need to be made a day before so they are ready to go to embed into our night sky.

Now look at this gorgeous blue...wouldn't that make a fabulous night sky?

But sadly the moment the lye hits the pot our beautiful blue turns into a grey...yeah imagine my face the first time this happened...oh well the end result color works for this project.

I bring it to thick trace and fill the molds halfway and then carefully lay the moons into the molds....

...then fill the night sky the rest of the way up.

I just love the finished project!!!


Anne-Marie said...

I think it look fabulous, just like a full moon in the night sky. :)

Luster Canyon said...

Thanks Anne-Marie. Your Beau Brummel soaps so nicely for this project!!