Sunday, September 9, 2012

Pepe le Pew...

...paid lil pup a visit. :(

I let Mr Bills out for his one last run before we went to bed. As I was lying in bed waiting to let him in...the smell hit me all the way in the house...and I knew...I KNEW that instant he was sprayed. Living in Arizona you smell skunk quite a bit...but to smell the spray THAT is strong and awful. So I went out and found the pup almost dazed...rubbing his poor sweet face in the grass, I assume to get the spray off. I called his name over and over and over...he finally looked up at me. Oh my what a pitiful sight. His eyes looked bad and his face and neck were SOAKED!! So I grabbed him....holding him waaaaay out from my body and yelled for The Hubs to come help.

So in to the kitchen sink lil pup went. He got 2 good scrubbings with his pet shampoo...but that wasnt cutting it. The Hubs said tomato juice...oh right, like I have ever bought that before?! lol...then I remembered a co-worker saying they used a peroxide bath so a quick google search found this recipe.

1 quart 3% peroxide
1/4 cup baking soda
1 tsp dish soap

I quickly ran to the bathroom and thankfully had a full bottle of peroxide so I mixed it all up and poured it on Mr Bills 1/4 cup at a time and scrubbed...scrubbed...scrubbed!!!! His face was a little trickier so I used a paper towel and dabbed carefully. This method actually worked fabulously! Took the smell right out, which is good because I dont know what Billy would have thought if he wasnt allowed to sleep in our bedroom. He was so good the whole time...he even patiently sat still as I blow dryed and brushed him.

We made him use his puppy pads during the night, which he wasnt happy about, then the next morning I still didnt want to let him out back until the skunk scent had a chance to dry up in the he spent the morning outside in the front...look at my super clean pupper!!

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Sedona Soapworks said...

Poor puppy! Skunk scent seems to linger a while too, even after several washings :-(