Monday, January 9, 2012

Loofah Soaps

I decided to try something new here. I bought these loofah pieces a year ago...I am really bad on impulse buys and usually sit on things for a while trying to choose a project...then what scent to use is just as hard.

The soaps all each have a loofah piece inside, giving you exfoliation while cleansing.

One side will be scrubbier than the other...until the soap has worn down more after some use.

It is a pretty easy project actually...just set your loofah in the mold, melt, scent and color your soap base....and pour over the loofah filling the mold.

I chose to represent the entire rainbow...makes for a prettier display...

  • Pink - Cherry Blossom

  • Red - Sweet Love

  • Orange - Arizona Sunshine

  • Yellow - Lemon

  • Green - Rosemary Mint

  • Aqua - Sea Kelp & Agave

  • Blue - Blue Raspberry

  • Purple - Lavender EO

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