Sunday, January 15, 2012

Card Making Space is Back...

Well sort of. It is a work in process still but the gist of it has begun and that is all I need.

I had one of the bedrooms as my card making room and also it held all my containers...and then life threw us a curve ball which we gladly accepted without a second thought. With no notice my special needs cousin came to live with us, so everything was thrown into boxes so we could get her settled. I think we are now all settled and I am missing my card making as it is very calming and enjoyable to do. We have this alcove in the livingroom...and it is plenty of space for me! As Baby Girl said...this is a crafty home, it wont look out of place here...and besides I reminded myself...we never get company, so unless the cats mind...and no sign of new crafting space has hatched!!

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