Sunday, January 22, 2012

2012 Arizona Winter Conference

Spent the day at Soapies Supplies where they hosted a fabulous conference filled with demos, food and FUN!

There was a great turn out on what started to be a cloudy day, but right on schedule with the conference...the sun decided to come out and play. A couple of windy moments peppered throughout, but nothing to ruin the day!

Our event was hosted by the Princess herself...Miss Kelley!

She gave us a lot of hands on demonstrations....look hand! :)

You did not leave the conference empty handed...OR with an empty stomach. First lets talk food...wish I had thought to take a picture of the fabulous array of food provided by Cherie...that girl can cook! She made the most wonderful soup and there was a huge salad buffet, fruit and of course dessert! THANK YOU CHERIE!

Goodie Bags...they were loaded with fun stuff from various suppliers. Brambleberry, Day-Star Candle and Soap Supply, Candlewic, Elements Bath & Body, Bitter Creek Candle Supply, Lotioncrafter, Scents & Sensibility, Design by Cherie and of course Soapies Supplies!

There were even raffle prizes...I won aroma beads from Elements Bath & Body!!!! And we all got to take home a gorgeous plant from the centerpieces!

There was also a product added bonus of fun at a gathering is making items to take and swap with other makers. We received a wonderful selection of items - Soaps, lotions, room sprays, whimsical owl, and tarts.

Now you are probably asking did we learn anything?? OF COURSE! Abbie Sewell from Scents and Sensibility...who even though she couldnt physically make it...she skyped in and shared a wealth of knowledge with us.

First up was embedding cold process soap into MP soap, soy candles, lotion, a body oil (which is my favoritest!!!!), bath bombs, scented sachets and then Kelley capped off the night with scoop and soap.

Cathy and I had so much fun...and we are hoping this becomes an annual thing!! Thank you Cherie for all the food (and even doing all those dishes)...thank you Bronson for packaging some lye for me at the last minute and lighting the bon fires...thank you Abbie for sharing so much with us...and thank you Kelley for being such a great hostess!

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Sounds like a fabulous event =)