Friday, January 20, 2012

Bad Valentine Gifts

I have been lucky enough to never have received a horrible gift for Valentine’s Day…but I know a lot of people haven’t been as fortunate. I can tell you the following are what I think would NOT be good gifts to give…

  • A bathroom scale…NO…not even if she asks for one!

  • Workout clothes or a gym membership…otherwise you night as well have given her the scale…although she may hit you with it.

  • Raw meat expecting her to cook for you….c’mon…make reservations and take her out!

  • Stuffed animals, unless you are teenagers…but grownups don’t have much use for a stuffy.

  • Do not even think about giving her a small jewelry box if it contains anything other than a diamond ring…finding earrings over an engagement ring is not a good feeling…for either of you.

  • And lastly…no gift at all is worse than all the above combined!

So tell me…what was the worst Valentine gift you have ever received…and I will pick one lucky winner to receive one of my Valentine themed soaps. (so be sure to leave your email in your comment so I can contact you)

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