Thursday, January 17, 2013

Soaps That Make ya go....Eh...

Soaping can have its frustrating moments. Sometimes you get a soap that just makes you jump for joy, and sometimes you just think...Eh, I can and have done better!

This week I made my Sweet Love soap as I realized Valentines is almost here and I cannot be out of Sweet Love...but my coloring just did not come out right.
The hearts don't stand out like they should, and add to that the green colored soap wanted to solidify fast and be cranky and not swirl like usual, instead it just flopped  to the side. 

The soap smells wonderful, and it looks nice... but it just doesn't have that "pop" of color like it normally does.
(I am always my own worst critic. )

When embedding my hearts and suns I always have left over soap, so I took some of the left over heart pieces and rolled into balls and threw into the left over soap and poured into a mold. Again....Eh! 

Same thing, green soap flopped to the side and the balls dont have enough color to pop...but my bargain bin fans will be very happy with this addition.

BUT...all is not lost, at least in my opinion...

More left over soap (from making the hearts) poured into another mold, and I LOVE this batch. 

I did an "in the pot" swirl, where I poured the colored portion back into the main pot and poured into the mold. I think it came out great!

Enter to win a bar of soap from this post. 
The winner can choose from of one the above bars of soap, either the hearts, dots or swirls.

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Happy Hound Creative said...

Sweet Pea or Rose are my favorite Valentines Scents!

GeorgiaBeckman said...

Favorite Valentine scent.............hmmmm........fresh flowers.

Dina Berlo said...

Favorite Valentine scent....Chocolate?? LOL