Saturday, January 19, 2013


With the move I am on a quest to be as organized as I can in this house. Step #1 the dreaded pots and pans cupboard, so while at Lowes looking for a pantry cupboard I discovered this fabulous "must have" shelf unit...

I LOVE how organized my pans are, and I even have room for a few more pans. No more stacking all in each other and pulling out 3 pans to find the size I every pot has its place within easy reach.

As for the baggies, if I go for the better valued bigger box, they never fit in the I bought drawer organizer trays and have each size in easy reach.

What is your best kitchen organization tip?

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Stockannette said...

Ooo, I love that pot thing! My best tip is to get a double-decker lazy Susan for spices, and place the jars and tins with their labels facing out for easy finding with one spin!