Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cats Adjusting to the New House

So we have made the move back to grandmas house and the kitties were brought over for all of our first night there. Simon, my big bad bully siamese...was a big ol coward in the kennel for quite some time. He took a lot of coaxing to come out and explore.

After a couple nights they were all settled happily on their house.

I caught Charlie outside, he has become a master at opening the door, so I put lil pups harness on him and took him for a walk to get him familiar to how the outside of the house smells in case he does escape.

At this house we have a fireplace, and for some odd reason Charlie is obsessed with the vents in the brick. I dont know why he likes to sit and stare at them....odd kitty.

So all in all I think they are getting settled in, at first I wasn't sure as only 1 of the 3 seemed happy here, but now they are all into their routines and playing again.

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