Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Finally Got a Keurig!!

We finally caved and bought a Keurig. I haven't been very interested in getting one...well because I am cheap. Not only is the unit itself more than I would like to pay for a coffee maker, but then the individual cups was an expense I didn't care to have. But we found one at a great price with a nice ok...BUT...The Hubs made it very clear his percolator STAYED! But of course, it makes a fabulous pot of coffee and on the weekends with everyone around we like a full pot...but during the busy workweek, I think it is going to be nice to just make one fast cup of coffee...

...and fast it is! Wow does it fill the cup fast!

Now for what I don't like. It has five cup settings...this is the middle setting which doesn't quite fill the cup. This is fine for us who use creamer...but The Hubs is going to get gyped by not getting a full this something that can be adjusted?? The next setting up fills a larger mug we have to the very brim! No room for creamer on that size!

Now for what I like...The "My K cup". This appeals to the frugal me...I can use our own coffee!!! I have heard from others and read online it doesnt work and you get grounds in your coffee scoop was perfect and I had not one single ground in my cup...just a great cup of coffee!

So I think it is going to be used quite a bit...just need to figure out if the water flow can be adjusted for the cup sizes to actually fill the cup.
What is your favorite brand/flavor to drink?

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