Monday, October 15, 2012

Care Package for our Son

I have a show next weekend that I have been busy gathering items to take, so my kitchen table becomes my organization spot so I can see what I want to take and also to hopefully not forget anything. Here I have my piles started....

I need to print my signs and fill in the holes of stock needed to take, but this is a good jump on it for me. 

Then I pushed everything back to begin another sorted pile. Our son has deployed again, this time to Afghanistan. So we have filled a box of needed items...and some not so needed items...

The needed items would be the electric blanket, it is quite cold where he is...the not so needed...yeah all that pile of yummy junk food!! You might be thinking wow that looks like a lot of stuff, and it is...for 2 reasons. 

One is this time there is no PX where he is stationed, no where for him to go get anything, so the soldiers rely on us for their comfort items. Sure the military keeps them fed and housed, but comfort items are so dearly loved at these times.

Second there is so much here because I am packing 2 boxes. Sadly one of his guys is unmarried and has not received one single piece of mail...well we cannot allow this to continue, so along with some great friends some needed items such as bath towels, bed sheets and toiletries...along with some yummy snacks will be heading his way soon!

We are grateful for their service and very proud of our son, sending a box of goodies a couple times a month to him and his guys is the very least we can do.

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