Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Arctic Snow

I have a lot of fragrance oil sample bottles...some are pretty small so they are good to use in melt & pour soap because you can work in smaller batches and use very little fragrance at one time. Cold process soap takes more fragrance oil at one time, even a small batch could need an ounce, and the samples are usually much smaller. 
As I was straightening my fragrance oil shelves and seeing what I have on hand I discovered that there were two 1/2 ounce sample bottles of "Fresh Snow" from Bramble Berry, and that is the perfect amount I need to use my small it was goof off time again....

Now sadly you cannot tell I used two different kinds of blue mica. I used Blueberry POP mica and neon blue mica...but it all looks the same...nonetheless...I still love what I ended up with....Arctic Snow! 

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