Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Lil Accident

This past week we made more moon has become quite a popular seller. We use a wonderful scent from Brambleberry for it and have a hard time keeping up stock. It is a 2 day process, we make the moons first, and to try to keep up we made a bigger batch and had some extra leftover....which I hate to waste so I just quickly poured it into a mold to deal with later.

The next day we made the night sky and embedded the moon, we also had some left over...and not knowing how it would work I just poured it on top of the other left over batch and threw the end cuts of moons on top...the end result?? I LOVE IT!

On the left you see our regular Arizona Moonlight soap...on the right was the leftovers all thrown together....I am thinking I will be switching over to this look on future batches...What do you think?

1 comment:

Elana said...

I think it's super cute!!! Both designs are neat, but I like the second one better.