Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Labels New Scent

We have talked about changing our labels for 2 years now...but when is there ever a good time to take on such a project?? We decided opening the store was the perfect time, so we went to work on printing A LOT of new labels.

Really all we did was add a colored background, but that was all it needed to make it pop. The lotions are so white that unless you use colored need something to add some oomph! We like them very much!! Now comes the hard part though....finding enough time to get photos taken and then switch out the new pictures with the old on Etsy.

We added a few new scents with the new shop as well, one of them is Raspberry Explosion...which I enjoy very much! We have it in soap, 8 ounce pump bottle lotions and a 2 ounce size which is perfect for your purse or bedside table.

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