Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuesdays Crush

My Aquis Microfiber Hair Turban is this weeks crush. We carry them in the store and I got one for myself, but kept forgetting it on the kitchen counter.

Then a couple of weeks ago a customer came in and saw the turbans and said how awful hers was. She did quickly point out that hers was a different brand, but that she thought it was just awful and had ruined her hair. I notice her hair actually looks pretty nice, so I ask why? She said it flattened it and took the curl out and she needs to go wash it and get it fixed. So I say…well my hair could use some flattening, as I usually have quite large hair thanks to my natural wavy craziness…so that night I made sure to put the turban IN the bathroom where I was sure to use it after my next shower.

I have to say 2 weeks later I am not disappointed in the least. First of all my hair is not flat and has not lost any of its wave or curl…I see no difference in my overall end result. Where I do see the difference however is the weight on my head in comparison to a towel. This turban is so nice and lightweight….you don’t even know it is there. Its loop and button closure helps it fit nice and snug on your head staying in place…it doesn’t shift around like a big bulky towel.

It is incredibly nice and super absorbent. My hair is no longer sopping wet and therefore it does not take as much blow drying time as needed before, which I am sure is healthier for my hair.

I do not know how other brands stack up, but as for my Aquis brand hair turban….I LOVE IT! I cannot imagine going back to a towel on my head ever again!

We currently have 2 colors in stock…pink and white. The next order we put in I will be adding celadon green to the mix.

We sell the turbans for $19.99 each, but from now through Sunday May 15, 2011, if you come into the Luster Canyon store at Bashford Court to purchase a hair turban... just mention this blog post and you will receive 25% off your hair turban!!


Desert Soapstone said...

Wonder if she was wearing it over her styled hair at night rather than its proper use as an after shower towel? These are awesome. Its great you are carrying them.

Luster Canyon said...

Not sure, but I was surprised at how much I love it and dont know why I waited so long!