Saturday, January 8, 2011

Newest Toy

I have something new to play with and "dress" my soaps up a bit. I got a new soap stamp. Now each bar of soap will be stamped with our company name.

Although there is a learning curve...
  • the right amount of pressure, not to soft not to hard

  • making sure you get even pressure, sometimes the bottom row is deeper than the the top

  • and also at what stage to stamp, the soap cannot be to new or to cured

So here are a few of the better ones...I wont show the goof ups. :)

Prickly pear...stamped a lil crooked, but still looks good.

This one is our lilac soap, both of these are our best sellers.
I love my newest "toy", although I did just learn that my buying one for myself ruined a surprise gift...our son was attempting to get one made for me...oops. Luckily he hadnt completed the process (thanks to me forgetting to email my logo to him)....would have been an awesome gift from a very thoughtful son.


Sarah said...

These look beautiful! I especially love the peach and grey colour combo!


Desert Soapstone said...

Like the stamp! I've been thinking of getting one. Its getting popular so not sure yet. It sure looks nice on your soaps!