Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Guest Sized Bars

I bought a new system to make guest sized bars with. What a fun new toy. It was so fun I forgot to take in progress pics until the last mini log....basically I make a square of soap, then use the log splitter to cut it into 4 logs, and then cut each of the logs and create 72 guest sized bars in practically no time at all. It was so easy our grandson even cut a log.

Here is the cutter

Here is the bar size in comparison to a regular bar. I think they will be perfect for samples and variety/trial packs.

And our grandson thought it was so cool....this is what happens when he was left alone with the cutter and a bar of soap that happened to be nearby....not sure how he thought that was going to get by us and we wouldnt know that was him lol.


deanna said...

love the logo on the looks great
following back at ya. thanks

Luster Canyon said...

Thanks! I love my new logo stamp...except now I have a lot of stamping to do. :)