Saturday, January 15, 2011

Card Making Class Take 2

We had card making class again. I loved it and had fun, but 6:30 - 10pm makes it so late for me, I start to really tire by the last card.

Here was the first card.....

A lot of cut outs and a little busy, but I think it works nicely together making it a very cute card. There is even a little heart button glued onto the heart at the top right, and a dot of bling in the O of Love.

This card is the opposite of the above, a very simple card, yet still a very cute card. The hole making to weave the ribbon through I think will take work to get even, I suggest starting at the middle, not an edge like I was shown, that way it should be more evenly woven across.

This glittery love card was my least favorite to make. I think it looks great and it was a lot of fun....until the glitter part. I am not a fan of glitter....and we had it everywhere! But thankfully the end result is great!

This was the last card I made, I was getting pretty tired by now....but this ended up being my favorite card, so I am glad it ended up being the last, I really enjoyed making this one and think it is the cutest of the bunch! You stamp the little girl and then with these special water color markers using your ink pad you color her in. And I love the texture on the heart behind her.

Loads of fun!! My friend will be having her own first card making day in a couple more weeks....cant wait for more card making fun!

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