Sunday, January 9, 2011


I really think I must have an over obsessive nature. I cannot seem to like one thing at a time...and then I cant just "like" them...I have to obsessively jump in. So my newest on top of bath/body and card making is coupons!

I looked at, and signed up for the $4 trial month, but The Hubs reasonably explained you are trying to SAVE money here. So after checking it out for the month I did go ahead and cancel as I have the basic gist of the concept.

There are many places to get coupons, the Sunday paper being a main source....but did you know those coupons are online?? Just have to know where to look.

Also...did you can "download" coupons directly onto your store savings card? The first one I have tried is Frys, used it today for the first time and it worked GREAT!! I did also have some other coupons that I had clipped...and the bonus savings is buying products while they are on sale.

So here are examples of the best savings on todays trip....

Cascasde -
Price 8.99 - In store savings(3.00)- Extra Coupon (0.50) - Total Cost 5.49

Wisp toothbrushes 4 pack
Price 2.39 - Extra Coupon (0.75) - Total Cost 1.64
(the 2 packs were on sale for $1 ea, this 4 pack came out cheaper than if you bought 2 of the 2 packs)

Price 3.29 - In store savings(1.30)- Extra Coupon (1.00) - Total Cost 0.99

The following 4 were buy 4 save $4.00
Dawn Foaming Action - Total Cost 0.99
Price 4.29 - In store savings(1.80)- Extra Coupon (.50)- Bonus (1.00)

Crest - Total Cost 0.50
Price 3.29 - In store savings(.79)- Extra Coupon (1.00)- Bonus (1.00)

Aussie Shampoo - Total Cost 1.99
Price 4.79 - In store savings(1.80)- Bonus (1.00)

Aussie Conditioner - Total Cost 1.99
Price 4.79 - In store savings(1.80)- Bonus (1.00)

The following 2 were the best deal of all today. I had a coupon that if you bought an Aussie or herbal essence product, you got a styling product for FREE. Did you know...because I did not until today...they take off the ORIGNAL PRICE?!

Aussie Gel - Total Cost (1.20)
Price 4.19 - In store savings(1.20)- Bonus (4.19)

Aussie 3 Minute - Total Cost (1.20)
Price 4.19 - In store savings(1.20)- Bonus (4.19)

Thats right, the last 2 items they actually PAID ME! WOW!

So my total trip
Cost $85.92
In store savings (24.72)
Coupons (17.93)
I paid 43.27!

Stay tuned for more shopping trips and where to find these coupons...

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