Monday, August 9, 2010

New Soap Trial

In my continuous effort to be me this is hard for me!! I decided to try some new stuff here, a lot of firsts for me on this soap.

  • Using charcoal for a colorant

  • Doing 3 layers

  • Drizzling melt & pour glycerin soap base over the top of cold process soap

  • New (for me) scent of Black Raspberry Vanilla

What do you think?

I think....I need to work on layers...didnt do so well on the pink...but the white layer actually went on nicely.

I used a vanilla stabilizer, so will wait to see if this soap darkens any due to the vanilla content of fragrance oil.

(Vanilla content in fragrances explained here.)

Sure wish I had scratch and sniff for you...this smells wonderful!! Hopefully you will find it in our Etsy shop in a few weeks. :)

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