Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Holli wins the chef position at Savoy….

So last night’s TV was slow. On at the same time we had the Hell’s Kitchen finale and the Rachel Zoe Project.

Not sure sometimes what to think about RZP. I mean what about that show makes up something worth watching? (Says the person who loves Big Brother lol)

Last week was about dressing Demi Moore for a photo shoot. It is always clothes that A) I could never afford and B) who really wears that stuff??

I wish I could find a close up of these shoes she wore…insane! You could break your ankle in these!

So I decided to pass on last night’s episode, and instead watched HK.

Gordon Ramsay is someone I would never want to work with…even though I giggle every time he yells DONKEY at someone…I don’t know, that term just is funny to me….but I don’t want to be called one. Maybe it is his accent…but either way it just cracks me up. Holli won over Jay…I actually thought Jay was going to win though.

And that was really about it. Yes my time would have been better served making product, but ya know some days you are just too tired. But this week on the to-do list is…

More Arizona Sunshine…going to try to stay ahead after selling 10 bars in 2 days. We now have 24 bars curing, but going to push more out to have enough waiting in the wings.

We are going to debut a Fisherman’s soap this weekend. Wash with it before baiting your hook and it not only masks your scent, but apparently the fish supposedly go mad over the scent of the soap.

Now that the weather should start cooling off we think it is time to bring back to the lineup…sugared body scrubs. Look for 2 different kinds coming your way soon.

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BusyB said...

Those LOOK GREat : ) Luv them...I almost out going to have to order some!!! didnt get to watch that episode THANK YOU! i would have never found out anyother way!