Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Coffee Soap...

...Didn't quite go as planned. Although it feels very smooth, it looks really ucky and bumpy. Apparently the surface look may be due to moisture from the "used" coffee grounds, which then created the halo effect around each one.

So this soap will now make it to the oopsie bin. This weekend I will take another go at it...but with dry coffee grounds this time.


Plantress said...

hmm perhaps if you added some cream and splenda! Looking forward to the new results. Could you add some peppermint oil to evoke that tingly feeling? Kind of like the caffeine of soap?

More Later!

BusyB said...

I posted about the great GIVEAWAY i recieved from you last week!!! THANK YOU again! My husband LOVES the smell (me too!) some how my 8 year old found the lotion and stores it in her bathroom lol!!! I still sneak it! THANKS AGAIN!! : ) CHEERS
(plus you got me hooked once i run out...try some more!) Like this one you have posted!

Anne-Marie said...

But it's still handmade soap that someone is going to LOVE!