Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Last Night’s TV

So I am sure I have been boring you all with having just soap making and/or products, so I am going to shake it up and blog about what I enjoy…TV. Mostly the reality variety….just can’t help it, some are like a train wreck, you have to watch!!

So last night’s TV included…
The Pickers…these 2 guys go out in search of old antique treasures. They find some really cool stuff, and some unique characters. One of the treasures on this episode was a turn of the century saddle horse, which was a stuffed minature horse...that had no ears! Since it was found with a bunch of other taxidermied animals…I think it was real. I don’t know…but for me I found it creepy!

Next up was The Pawn Stars. This is a Las Vegas pawn shop, and for some reason I love this show. Last night’s coolest piece brought in to pawn was a piece of gold that was most likely from a ship wreck….and worth $48,000. I think the guy received $35,000 for it, what a bonus find in dead relative’s things!!

Last but certainly not least was one of my secret guilty pleasures….Real Housewives of New Jersey. Not sure what to make of some of these people…but I just love Caroline! Her and her family are my favorite!
Last night the cast took a trip to Italy….my how gorgeous is that place! Then they boarded a cruise ship…ohh la la was that decadent and beautiful!

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