Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Oil & Glycerin Swirl Soap....FAIL

I now remember why I never use Titanium never ever...EVER works for me. I don't know why, I don't know what I do wrong, but it is NOT the ingredient for me. I thought by using it in glycerin...which was new for me...would be different. I'd say it was worse!

On the left is fresh poured...right is the day after. :(

UGH! Have you ever seen an uglier soap???!!

What was funny is I had just uncovered it as The Hubs pulled in the I stood there in disbelief staring at this mess...he walks in and says..."oh that's pretty!" I looked at him like he was nutso lol.

Disappointing....but time to regroup and try again....MINUS the TD.
Stay Tuned and see if I can redeem myself. :)


Ladybee said...

Too bad:(. the soap looked beautiful on the wet picture, I know your next try will be amazing.

Anne-Marie said...

I never have any luck with glycerin swirls =) I have better luck with oil swirls ... I wonder if you can buff and steam that soap into shininess?

Anonymous said...

I am not sure if TD actually dissolves in glycerin, mine only works with oil or water. for glycerin better take a mica, or use oil instead of glycerin... maybe do a 1 lbs test batch next?

Luster Canyon said...

Thank you Ladybee, sure am hoping so.
Anne-Marie, I think I just may try that, it has settled down and I don't hate it now lol.
Becky, I am going to try in oil next, I think actually my problem was I diluted the TD down to much in making sure I had enough liquid, so I will try oil...and less. :)