Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Oil & Glycerin Swirl Challenge

This is my second try at the Oil & Glycerin Swirl first try did not go as planned, so here we go again.

This time I am using Bramble Berry's Sunny Herb Garden fragrance oil and I am NOT using glycerin. I put my mica and titanium oxide in oil this time...hoping for better success.

These are my swirl and base colors.

To try something new again I added aloe vera liquid as part of my water phase...interesting how it changed my lye water to a golden yellow.

I poured my base color and laid the yellow on top.

Then I sprinkled the mica/oil and titanium oxide/oil mixtures on the top of the 2 colors.

Then I swirled everything about.

Isn't that sparkle gorgeous!? 


The dividers are in.

Now we wait and cross our fingers that is batch comes out better than the last trial.

TADA!!! I say SUCCESS!!!

I love how this came out, I think it is gorgeous in color and swirl. The mica sparkle is so fun (even thought it wont last past the first wash)

What do you think?


Soapin' Cindy said...

Your soap is beautiful! Love the swirls...

Anna Rose said...

Beautiful! love this batches wet pic better then the first one (before is did what ever it did)

Anonymous said...

Yes, your swirl is definitely a success. Beautiful colors and the white stands out so well!


Amy Warden said...

The swirls are just mesmerizing!! Great color choices!

SAPONETA said...

Increadibly beautiful! I like it so much!

Sumalee DUNCAN said...

When I saw your soap, the first things that it reminded me of were JADE and AMBER. It is spectacular. My husband said that it is much better than mine and I should learn more from you. :| (He's so mean)


Sumalee D.

Lisa Norris said...

This is such a stylish soap!

Katy said...

The word that comes to mind for me is groovy! This looks like a throw-back to the 70s to me! Love it!!! :) Great job

Anna Goannasoaps said...

Nice swirls! And I love how you matched colours and scent to perfection.

Handmade in Florida said...

Wow - gorgeous swirls and great choice of colors!!!

Madame Propre said...

Very original swirl, and endless new possibilities! Great idea indeed. Thanks for sharing!

AmandaW said...

Absolutely love your color choices! That looks incredible!!! Nice work!