Monday, May 12, 2014

My First Go at Salt Bars

I tried making salt bars for the first time. If I made them correctly...interesting! I say interesting because...that was it?? What have I been afraid of? It was certainly quite easy to make.

First the recipe. I have been reading about them for 7 years, so I gathered all my notes and here is my summary....
  • Use a high % of coconut oil
  • Salt should be 50% - 100% of your oil weight
  • Use regular salt or sea salt DO NOT use dead sea salt
  • Superfat at 20%

So my recipe is:
80% coconut oil
15% olive oil
5% castor oil

75% my oils in salt (I used regular table salt)

I colored my theory was my colored salt would show through my non colored soap....hahaha...ok...I had a good laugh at myself as I stirred in my salt at trace....

My theory didn't pan out....BUT...I absolutely LOVE the color I ended up with!!

So here are my beautys poured into their molds. Thankfully I grabbed an extra mold (the flowers) just in case I had extra soap, because I wasn't sure how much this new mold held, and I knew the salt would add volume as well. I went with 20 ounce oil weight, so I can cut that back next time.

Come back in a few days and see how they came out.


AmandaW said...

Okay this is a relief for me to see because I want to make some of these, and was just about to ask if you thought they'd work in the cute molds I got here ( ) and now I see that yours are in similar molds, so I'm not even worried! Gah! Can't wait to try mine, I'll have to send an e-mail to you if they work out! :)

Luster Canyon said...

Amanda I would love to see what you create, good luck and have fun with it. :)