Sunday, February 23, 2014

Little Horse Trail

We tried to do the tea cup hike again today....again a FULL parking lot...we are going to have to figure out how to better time this hike. So we headed a different direction and tried another hike we have never done. Which way should we go....

We first went left and took the Mystic Trail which gave us a nice view of The Chapel of the Holy Cross...can you see it?

How about now? We have been to this chapel several times, it is beautiful and serene and built so nicely right into the Sedona red rocks.

We looped back to the beginning and then took the Little Horse Trail. I just love these big old dead trees. 

Courthouse Butte is on the left and Bell Rock is on the right.

Yes that ledge is the trail...and is actually nothing compared to a trail we did on Bell Rock.

This is Cathedral Rock off in the distance.

We hiked an easy 2.3 miles.

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