Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day

The Hubs and I don't always exchange much for Valentines Day, usually just something this year I decided to be silly with his gift and get him a bunch of snacks and have a fun play on words with a lil note on each item...

What did I buy?
Kool-Aid - "you're KOOL"
Cream Soda - "i SODA think you are amazing"
Strawberry Crush - "i have a CRUSH on you"
Goldfish - "you oFISHally have my heart"
Hot Tamales - "you are one HOT TAMALE"
Swedish Fish - "you're a great catch"
Peanuts - "i'm NUTS over you"
Pop Rocks - "you ROCK"
Gummy Bears - "life would be unBEARable without you"
Hot Wheels - "i WHEELie love you"
Reece's Pieces - I love you to PIECES"
Almond Joy - 'it's a JOY being married to you"
Cereal - "i CEREALsly love you"
Animal Crackers - "our life may be a circus sometimes, but i'm glad we're in it together"

Then I put them all in a basket.

And topped it off with a ginormous balloon.

I left it out on the couch for him to find when he gets up at 4am for work. 

Just a fun styled Valentine to shake it up this year...and he LOVED it!!!

What is the funnest/silliest Valentine you ever gave/received?

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