Monday, February 17, 2014

A Hike and a Soap

First the soap, gotta work before play :)

OK...That was off we gooooo.....
I have wanted to do what is called the tea cup hike for months today finally gets to be the day, here we are entering Sedona...
...we drive to the trailhead........we missed the turn...turn around, but the car behind us (who also missed the turn) turns around first and we enter the parking lot behind them.....WHAT?? Sign says only 14 cars at a time.....take a wild guess who was #15???!!!!!!! We wait a minute to see if anyone is leaving...only to find the car that beat us in just eating in their car??!!??!!  Sadly we leave...pure silence in the car as I am so disappointed. So The Hubs just drives...gorgeous views on the drive to ???? 
Then he parks and says we can do this I still get a hike today, the smile returns. :) 
Can you believe we are wearing shorts in February?? Love our AZ weather!!!!
We are doing Fay Canyon today...
I have heard of it but neither of us have done it off we go.....  

This is a manzanita....looks big in this photo but I stand taller than it. To me they are bonsai looking and I love the red colored trunks, they are much prettier in person than my photo is showing.

I love this rock formation we saw....

Zoomed in it looks like a face, I see hair, eyes, a nose, a chin...and even an ear!

and here is the backside of the "face"...looks so precariously perched from this angle.

 We come to the end of the maintained portion of the trail, somehow in our picture taking we gained 2 tenths of a mile as the trail is only a tad over a mile. 
So we have our snack here...overhear a conversation that 10 minutes down the unmaintained portion are some indian we mentally note that for a future hike and start back....when what do we find without even trying?? a geocache!
I have mentioned caching in my earlier blogs, but we have been so busy  we haven't been able to go, but this year we are beginning again so stay tuned for those adventures.
I was sad I didn't get to do the trail I have been wanting to do...but this trail was so gorgeous that our day turned out even better than planned...look at this map.... many little I guess we best get going here. :)
Some of these look long so they will be picnic days...what are your favorite snacks/lunches for hiking?


Anonymous said...

VERY envious of your weather there - I'm in the north of England and it's COLD! I used to do a lot of walking with my husband before the kids came along and we never went without some cheese and pickle sandwiches and a couple of hard boiled eggs :-D
PS that soap looks amazing - great texture!

Luster Canyon said...

Our weather is mostly very very nice!! Cheese and pickle sandwiches sound yummy, and hard boiled eggs would be good protein for energy on the longer hikes, thanks for the ideas!!