Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Gonga Sale on Strawberries and Pineapples

Strawberries and pineapples were on sale for .97 cents each...that is too good a deal to pass up!!

We bought a lot....above is the first trip...we made several more! We used our dehydrator for some pinapple snacks...first cutting the outer peel off...

Then quartered it and cut the core out...

Then we sliced it up and laid on the trays...(must get more trays for bigger batches SOON)...then we let it dry away for 12-15 hours. Some family members like it at the 12 hour mark...I like the long term storage part so I like it more towards 15 hours. It is crispier, but softens quickly as you chew. Makes a great snack!! 

Then we made jam.....I love my Kitchen Aid for this as I prefer smooth non chunky jam.

I got all 3 batches ready....strawberry...strawberry pineapple....pineapple. (I used the sure-jell recipes for cooked jam)

I ended up with 24 jars of jam...plenty to see us through the year and give away as gifts.

Next we tried something new and dehydrated some strawberries for snacks.

This is what 5 quarts of strawberries dries down to after 8 hours.

We did quite a few batches....

We made one more strawberry run to the store before the sale was up and made strawberry banana jam. I think we got our monies worth on this sale.

What are your favorite strawberry or pineapple recipes?


Cee Gee said...

Strawberry pineapple jam??? Yummy! Everything looks fantastic...but a lot of work!

Luster Canyon said...

Thanks Cee Gee, it was a lot of work....but soooo worth it. :). I see watermelon is on sale this week....trying to see what I can do with that lol.