Wednesday, October 30, 2013

WSP FO Review #5 of 15 - Sun Ripened Strawberry

Sorry for the big gap in between posts...but photo taking has not been cooperative...and what's a blog post with no photos?? Right, no fun! So now on to the review...Who doesn't love the scent of summer-ripened strawberries blended delectably with a hint of green leaf? This fragrance is mouth watering out of the bottle.

I used WSP Stained Glass Strawberry Red Liquid Color and added poppy seeds for esthetics and exfoliation.

Another easy to soap, wonderfully smelling fragrance.

Now for the end result....

The smell stayed and is wonderful and sweet, the color though....

I am not happy with how the edges stayed pink, but the inside turned so pale.

I will definitely soap this fragrance again, but I believe I will choose a different colorant. What do you think?


Lois Harris said...

Try madder root powder steeped in your oil. It makes a wonderful pink and it is all natural. I used madder root int his soap for an example. I really love the soft but unfading tones of pink produced.

Lindsey @ Bear Soap said...

I'm with Lois - I use madder root by adding it to a little bit of oil reserved from the recipe (usually olive) and then strain it into the soap mixture. It works like a charm! And it can range from a deep cranberry red to a slight pink blush. The best part is that the color stays around forever!

I love the addition of the poppyseeds to your soap - looks truly strawberry.

Luster Canyon said...

Lois and Lindsey you are both awesome. Thank you so much for that. I haven't tried madder root before...on the list now! The scent is a good one, so now my next batch will have the madder root for color.

Albert and Susie said...

I'm new to your blog AND want to learn to make soap. I'm now trying to gather supplies BUT my husband is laid off. :)
Where did you get the mold?
I think your soap is gorgeous.
PS. Where is the feature that we can click on to get replies in our email?

Luster Canyon said...

Thank you Susie for joining our blog, I hope you enjoy our adventures and I look forward to seeing some of your soap making adventures....It can be addictive. :)

I got this mold from Brambleberry.

(As for the replies on the comments, for me it is right under this box I am typing in... it says Email follow-up comments to...and then it should have your email address there.)

Albert and Susie said...

Thanks for letting me know where you got the mold and 'wow' that email follow up wasn't there when I replied before unless I need new glasses. LOL.

Albert and Susie said...

...and that time I forgot to check it. LOL. I need a nap.