Monday, October 21, 2013

WSP FO Review #3 of 15 - Sugared Shortbread

Sugared Shortbread is a nice scent. Its fragrant of light brown sugar with vanilla extract, rich butter and sugar cookie. YUM!

I divided the batch 3 ways....using no additional colors I am going to use the fragrance oils for my colorants....

One has the fragrance oil, one the fragrance oil with vanilla stabilizer since the vanilla content of this fragrance is 17% (whoa!), and the last one has no fragrance. I just spoon layered and plopped in the mold.

And the end result is a wonderful trio of colors...the dark brown of the fragrance oil, a warm brown containing the vanilla stabilizer, and the off white of the natural soap.

This was a great fragrance to soap, no acceleration and smells great!


Christina said...

Great design Stacie! I need to smell Sugared Shortbread again... I remember it smelled perfumy but maybe they changed it. Love me some vanilla cookie scents!!

Lindsey @ Bear Soap said...

What a cool idea to layer the different soap with no additional colors, just manipulating with the fragrance oil! I love how the final product turned out - much darker than I would have thought.

Very interesting...I dig it.

Cee Gee said...

Wonderful review Stacie! I'll have to read back and see your other WSP reviews, looking forward to your upcoming ones too!

Luster Canyon said...

Thanks ladies, I am having fun with these reviews. Lindsey, thanks to a post Brambleberry did showing the differences in how dark vanilla content can go I knew the 17% was going to be really dark!