Saturday, October 19, 2013

First Day off in Years

Its official... we sold our brick and mortar store. We will still have our business and will continue with online sales and occasional shows, but things have changed for us this year and we had the opportunity to sell the physical store and things just couldn't have worked out better for our needs right now.

So today was our first weekend day off together in literally... seriously... years!! Now what to do?? We did lots and had fun adventures!! First we visited our oldest at a show she was doing selling her Enchanted Wax Works candles and face painting.

Then I came home and made soap...I am a creature of habit...or is it more like addicted to soapmaking?! lol

I will blog next week about these fun new scents.

Then we went for a walk, as todays weather just could not have been more perfect.


Found this interesting guy on the trail, he is only the size of a quarter...and this is where The Hubs asks me if I have to take a picture of everything...why yes...yes I do. :)

Great viewpoint of the river...the leaves are starting to change. 

The Hubs and I. :) 

Then we came home and decided to enjoy our pizza while watching the sunset....

...Until an uninvited guest showed up...again The Hubs shakes his head at me taking yet another picture...and informed me if I got sprayed I was sleeping on the porch haha....

Thank goodness we had left the dogs inside...because otherwise our adventure would have concluded with dog washes.

So that was our adventurous day on our first day off what felt like forever. Fabulous Day!!!!!!!!!!!

What did you do this weekend?


Lindsey @ Bear Soap said...

I can't even imagine how hard you guys must have worked in that brick and mortar store. It's so hard to have a small business. I got nothing but respect for anyone who does it!

Now that is done and you guys can move onto the next great thing!

Like soaping, soaping some more, taking picture of soaping, and then starting another batch of soap...:-)

Luster Canyon said...

LOL Lindsey, you know my soaping heart well. Yes it was a ton of work we couldnt have managed without our daughters help, but now free days for us all...and fun free soaping days for me. :)