Thursday, October 3, 2013

Spooky Fireplace

Aside from a Christmas tree I have never been one to decorate for Holidays...but now with Pinterest in existence I see so much (p)inspiration...and I really want to do something fun, so I have started with a spooky fireplace for Halloween. 

We don't get trick o treaters where we live...and we aren't popular for visitors of living in the boonies...but we wouldn't change it. So we are basically decorating for ourselves.

This is the start of what I have, I still want to add a few some "spooky books" on the right, the candles on the left are "bleeding" candles I need to burn down a bit and I think I want to put the potion bottles in a basket... or a cauldron would be fun? Any suggestions to help me out?

Do you decorate for Halloween? What is your favorite thing to do?

1 comment:

SoapJam said...

How fun! Your fireplace is looking spooky! I think your idea of putting potion bottles and a cauldron would make a nice witchy addition. :-)